2012 reflections 2013 hopes

The kids’ fireworks have been broadcast and the kids are finally asleep. Time for a quick post… My long post on the new Australian Curriculum: Languages is in progress, but a bit heavy to finish on New Year’s Eve… SO

My top 5 personal professional Highlights of 2012

5. My Year 12s all passed the course!
4. I managed to do the working mum juggle with the help of some very dear friends and the luck that our timetables meant Kindy pick up sharing was possible.
3. The Year 8 Japanese class I had all year – an amazing bundle of energy, enthusiasm and creativity. I have very high hopes for all of them and look forward to seeing them grow more and more over the few short years they will grace us with their presence.
2. Hearing Selena Woodward speak at our Lutheran Schools Conference – she opened my eyes and mind to the possibilities for my students to share their learning and ideas and to have a truly authentic audience. Thank you, Selena!
1. My biggest highlight, again because of Selena! I have a whole new ‘go to’ network on Twitter – my PLN – who answer my questions, share their ideas and have energized my thinking, my teaching and most certainly my own professional learning. To all of you, many thanks!

And from the old to the new. What do I hope for 2013? There will be challenges no doubt, but here goes…

5. That I will stay sane as the juggle goes up a notch with my eldest child beginning school
4. That I will be able to lead my faculty minus 2 hard working, long standing team members who are soon to celebrate new arrivals. So much change in a small team is sure to bring challenges as a new team gets to know each other at the same time as we get to know a new curriculum.
3. I want to get my head around students blogging, and have the support of their parents, to use this tool as a way for students to cover some of the reflective requirements of our new Australian Curriculum… Might as well start trying it before it hits!
2. I can’t wait for the Australian Conference on Lutheran Education in Brisbane where I will reconnect with other educators, some of whom were very dear friends in my high school days!
1. I really want to meet some of my PLN in person… CEGSA may be a good place to start… What do you think?

Here’s to a challenging and rewarding 2013!


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