The sweet smell of success!

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We all know that learning is meant to be a life-long journey. In the past 3 days I have learnt so much! Thanks to a request to present to my fellow teachers during this week’s Staff PD days and my growing PLN on Twitter and their patience I have learned…

How to create a simple website on Weebly

How to share work samples created in Apps not connected to a website or Evernote without emailing it to numerous people – by putting them on the weebly site

How to screencast a tour recorded in Google Earth so that I can easily attach it to a QR code to share

How to create and share an Audio boo – this has been on my ‘to do’ list since September!

How to take the simplicity of a QR code and turn it/them into a learning challenge or treasure hunt

How to stick with something even though it can be extremely frustrating!

How good it feels when you know you’ve achieved something!!

So often as teachers we get to the end of the year and see the students walk out of our classroom, never really sure whether we’ve made much difference – students are not an end product after all. But I think what I’m feeling now, having just finished preparing my PD session, is something like the satisfaction a student feels when they try for ages to get something right and then something clicks and they get it! When I finally worked out how to share my Google Earth tour on my weebly site AND have it then play on an iPad WITH sound I actually did a ‘happy dance’! I was genuinely excited!

cause of happy dance

Now just to keep those pre-presentation jitters at bay… I guess it’s never a bad thing to be reminded of what our students go through…


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